Event Security

With the budgetary restraints and manpower problems for Local Law Enforcement agencies across the United States, why not hire private security for your events and mass assembly areas?  

Our company can provide your organization the appropriate protective solution for any event that you may schedule. While the focus is overall the safety of those who attends the event as it occurs, other considerations must be addressed for a properly encompassed security operation. Every event undertaken by The Harrell Group requires a documented Security Plan covering all considerations and contingency plans such as: Pre-Event Security Checks, Access and Flow control of patrons (exits/entrances/access ways), Auditing of ticket sales, Concierge (Information and Seating) services provided, continuous Visible Security throughout the venue, and Evacuation Plans all must be in place, present, and successfully implemented for proper Event Security coverage. The Harrell Group exceeds these requirements.

“A person can appreciate that nothing has happened to their business in the past, but one can never assume something will not happen in the next 24 hours.”

- Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell
US Army (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of SFOD-D