VIP Protection

The Harrell Group has honed their Executive / VIP Protection abilities with over 20 years of combined experience in providing protection to some of the world’s most elite, in some of the most hostile countries.

Understanding the vast difference between combat and the civilian world, The Harrell Group has developed a unique Armed Protection Detail that provides a safe and secure environment for prospective clients. Our Security Specialists will never assume or take any security detail for granted. Route planning, pre-advance, advances and execution will provide the Client with a stress-free and seamless movement or event, while at the same time blending into the Client’s business environment. So whether traveling or at a business function, the Client can have his/her full attention on their business, without any worry of their well-being or safety.

“A person can appreciate that nothing has happened to their business in the past, but one can never assume something will not happen in the next 24 hours.”

- Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell
US Army (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of SFOD-D