Case Studies

Case Study: Risk Assessment


Harrell Group has conducted dozens of facility Force Protection and Risk Assessments for both Government and Commercial entities. Assessments cover site layouts, composite risk management, threat matrices, explosive and ballistic protection analysis, and recommendations for improvements.
These locations have included:

  • Government Courthouses
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Data Storage Facilities
  • Corporate Headquarters for billion-dollar companies.
  • Individual Client Risk Assessments

Case Study: Training and Instruction


Harrell Group was approached to conduct multiple security training exercises locally for a variety of public services due to our unique Special Operations approach to and techniques in threat mitigation.

These have included:

  • Greene County SWAT Adv. CQB Training
  • Unicoi County PD Active School Shooter
  • ETSU ROTC Survival Field Training
  • Sullivan County SWAT CQB Training
  • TN Armed Security Training & Licensing

Case Study: Data Security


Harrell Group was/is assigned with the task of Physical Static Site Security services for multiple start-up Data Storage Facilities housing Tier III level Government and Commercial information throughout Eastern Tennessee and South-Western Virginia.

The Harrell Group Solution

Harrell Group responded by:

  • Trained, licensed, and stood-up an initial guard force in excess of standards on an extremely aggressive Client-driven timeline.
  • Provided follow-on Static Security guard force support and operational planning at four (4) additional sites.
  • Coordinated with the Client in the conduct of Force Protection Assessments in order to support efforts towards General Services Administration (GSA) compliance and standards.
  • Providing continuous 24-hour security support at Client facilities since 2014.

Our solutions enabled the Client to meet strict compliance requirements in the pursuit of additional Tier III Data Storage contracts, while protecting multimillion dollar assets from unauthorized access.

Case Study: Energy Security


Harrell Group was/is entrusted with the task of comprehensive Executive Protection and intelligence services for high-level Coal Mining officials and their families throughout SouthWestern Virginia and Eastern Tennessee.

The Harrell Group Solution:

Harrell Group responded by:

  • Establishing a regional operational center to provide round the clock intelligence and analysis, monitor mobile operations, and disseminate threat warnings.
  • Assigned dedicated Protective Security Specialists and AIC’s to Client designated individuals, providing close protection at work, home, and within the community.
  • Conducting workplace electronic RF sweeps, background investigations of suspicious individuals and vehicles, and advance missions ensuring the Client’s safety at high-profile events and board meetings.

A wealth of operational experience and expertise in personal protection and investigations has been fundamental to the success of Harrell Group’s mission in the protection of Energy Sector executives.

“A person can appreciate that nothing has happened to their business in the past, but one can never assume something will not happen in the next 24 hours.”

- Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell
US Army (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of SFOD-D