A Few Words About Us

The Harrell Group Executive Team consists of subject matter experts in all aspects of Security and the corresponding Federal, State, and Local regulations with over 96 years of combined experience. The team is comprised of Military and Law Enforcement experts with a wide range of security and Risk Mitigation expertise. These Professional Security Experts have extensive experience including with the US Department of State, Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Special Mission Units, US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, US Army Special Operations Command, and multiple interagency organizations. Their experience ranges from providing High Threat Protective operations within combat environments to local security needs, assessments, and design consulting.

Who We Are

Formed by respected former US Military and Special Operations Officers and NCO’s of modern conflicts in Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Harrell Group was established to provide non-linear dynamic security solutions to unconventional & conventional problems encountered within today's evolving hostilities worldwide.

Adaptive Execution

Our Special Operations operational and worldly background brings to the Client a more thorough analysis of every situation and mission. Intense requirements for non-linear problem solving within our respective disciplines ensures the highest quality product while maintaining efficiency. This is what typical security companies lack.

Leadership & Experience

We are able to provide clients with the unique insight and support that comes from over four decades of leadership in the field and in boardrooms around the world. That combined with our experience cultivating partnerships with world leaders brings new meaning to, “leadership,” ”strategy,” and “deployment.”

Why Choose Us

  • 1
    Customized Services

    Our team's multi-discipline Special Operations background and experience allows for more unconventional, tailor fit services for our clients.

  • 2
    Enormous Flexibility

    Large-scale guard force contract support stateside to specific individual protection with highly focused security details with Clients that travel worldwide.

“A person can appreciate that nothing has happened to their business in the past, but one can never assume something will not happen in the next 24 hours.”

- Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell
US Army (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of SFOD-D