Welcome to The Harrell Group

In the modern world, unconventional threats and dangers continue to grow and multiply utilizing a virtually unlimited combination of both technology and trending extremist ideologies that traditional risk management techniques may not provide adequate mitigation for.

Formed by highly respected Veterans of the Special Operations community and private High-Threat Protective Service programs within the recent modern conflicts in Panama, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, The Harrell Group was established to provide non-linear dynamic security solutions to potentially complex unconventional & conventional problems encountered within today's evolving world of hostilities utilizing a proverbial think-tank of collective real-world experience to meet these ever changing threats.

The Harrell Group addresses problems through unique, mission specific mitigation techniques. The Harrell Group will be that constant that stands between what our Clients value and the uncertainties that our ever-changing world can produce.

VIP Protection

The Harrell Group has honed their Executive / VIP Protection abilities with over 20 years of combined experience in providing protection to some of the world’s most elite, in some of the most hostile countries.

Security Design

Recent events have exposed security shortfalls and “problems” in many public and private institutions. Security Assessments by independent third parties can identify security risks and present solutions.

Commercial Security

The protection of your company’s assets and personnel is The Harrell Group's number one priority. We can provide your company with a Business Threat Assessment and Site Security Survey.

“A person can appreciate that nothing has happened to their business in the past, but one can never assume something will not happen in the next 24 hours.”

- Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell
US Army (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of SFOD-D